Capillary & Blemish Treatment

Dilated Capillaries

Dilated or broken capillaries are tiny dilated blood vessels (telangiectasia) that are visible through the skin. They become more common as we age and our skin loses its elasticity. The factors that can promote their formation are:   Heredity, excess exposure to the sun, drastic change in temperature, alcoholic beverages, hot and spicy foods, menopause, and hormonal changes.Once they form, broken capillaries will not disappear on their own. They can be permanently removed by the VascuLyse Treatment. The VascuLyse uses a mild current to induce coagulation within the distended capillary, a process known as Capillary Coalysis. The body then absorbs the unused capillary.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are a common, benign condition, which consist of a bit of excess skin that projects from the surrounding skin. Skin tags can vary in appearance. They may be smooth or irregular, flesh colored or more deeply pigmented, and either simply be raised above the surrounding skin or have a stalk (a peduncle) so that the skin tag hangs from the skin. Skin tags are mostly made of epidermal cells but do have a small capillary connection and they can occur almost anywhere there is skin. Most common areas for tags are the eyelids, neck, armpits (axillae), upper chest, and groin. These harmless yet annoying and unsightly skin blemishes can easily be removed with the Vasculyse treatment.


Ruby Spots

Ruby spots, also known as cherry angiomas are cherry red papules on the skin containing an abnormal proliferation of blood vessels. They are the most common kind of angioma. The Vasculyse treatment can erase these unsightly spots through the process of Electrocoagulation, in the same manner as treating dilated/broken capillaries.




If you have struggled with oily or combination skin for most of your life and are now over the age of 40, you may have noticed a series of small, stubborn, crater-like bumps with a whitish rim popping up randomly on various parts of your face. While these bumps may appear to be a type of blackhead or breakout, you've probably found that they just don’t go away, no matter what you do. These irksome mounds are most likely a disorder called sebaceous hyperplasia, and they aren’t just any old blemish or clogged pore. Once one shows up, it is extremely difficult to get rid of—that is, until now.